Film & Commercial: Creative & Production Services

Writing, Direction, & Production of Films, Commercial Work, and Series: (Samples below) PRODUCING & PRODUCTION COMPANY I’ve worked on over 80 films and television series, so how production works and how to get things done are second-nature. I’ve applied those skills to carry narrative, documentary, & corporate client works from ideation through budgeting, scheduling, crew […]

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Editing, Audio, & Music Post-Production

Post-production work on films, commercial work, and series: (Samples below) FILM EDITING I’ve edited feature film comedy, webseries, reality TV, award shows, and more. MUSIC SUPERVISING My experience as a record producer and record label left me with a large collection of evocative music and a desire to dig a little deeper for treasure. AUDIO […]

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From filmmaker/writer to touring musician/record producer, I’ve had a unique journey. I started in film, studying under zombie pioneer George Romero and working for Academy-award winning director Ron Howard. I then enjoyed some unexpected success in music with my band Chaz’s Billboard Magazine charting R&B single, I Want To Talk To You, a couple of DownBeat […]

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