Editing, Audio, & Music Post-Production

Post-production work on films, commercial work, and series:

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I’ve edited feature film comedy, webseries, reality TV, award shows, and more.


My experience as a record producer and record label left me with a large collection of evocative music and a desire to dig a little deeper for treasure.

AUDIO POST (Sound edit, design, & mix)

My experiences as an audio engineer and film allows me a unique ear for all aspects of post-production audio.  Whether it’s cleaning up dialogue, syllable by syllable, designing a hyper-real sound environment for surround, or taming a mixture of a dozen dialogue tracks, sound FX, ADR, ambiance, songs, & orchestral scoring–I am right at home.


My career in music creation spans basically every genre, from a stint as a Conductor’s Apprentice with the Pittsburgh Symphony and piano concertos, to R&B, rock & roll, electronica, and several varieties of Latin music. Throughout my time working in film and commercial work, I have worked to marry music and film to work seamlessly to evoke emotions.




My Reel includes editing for a comedy narrative feature, documentary style TV, commercials, and short form.

Music Supervisor:

Audio Post: