As a writer, producer, and director, Wil’s flatTIGER Films has produced Interactive spots for Sony Playstation, commercials for Better Oats and American Public Television, webseries Apartment Hunters, and Cannes Film Festival Official Selection “Seven Rounds” in 2018. Wil’s work as writer-director includes comedy feature My Favorite Movie, short films My First Toy Company (official selection and award finalist, TriggerStreet Film Festival), Juggling: an Introduction to the Filmmaker.

From filmmaker/writer to touring musician/record producer, Wil Masisak has had a unique journey. Masisak started in film, studying under zombie pioneer George Romero and working for Academy-award winning director Ron Howard. He then enjoyed some unexpected success in music with his band Chaz’s Billboard Magazine charting R&B single, I Want To Talk To You, multiple DownBeat Magazine deebee awards and a short stint in Play That Funky Music‘s Wild Cherry.

During his 20-year career as a touring musician and record producer, he made multiple recordings for legendary American songwriter Dan Bern (New American Language), indie-rockers Devotchka and Empires, as well as American Idol: Season 2 finalist Samantha Cohen. In 2018, as a member of The Nadas, he was inducted into the Iowa Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

Working on music for the film Zero Effect, a conversation with the film’s director, Jake Kazdan, inspired a 2005 return to film–and Wil’s proficiency with audio recording led to a fruitful career in Hollywood:  over 80 film and television credits as Sound Mixer, Film Editor, Producer, & Director. Masisak’s signature location sound/dialogue recordings are featured in films Cold Comes the Night, Area 51, Emmy-award winner We Could Be King, musical Were The World Mine, Jack Of The Red Hearts, and They Remain.

His work as recordist and music producer for the 2017 film Folk Hero & Funny Guy featured facilitating a challenging series of extensive musical performances, filmed and recorded live on location.