Film & Commercial: Creative & Production Services

Writing, Direction, & Production of Films, Commercial Work, and Series:

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I’ve worked on over 80 films and television series, so how production works and how to get things done are second-nature. I’ve applied those skills to carry narrative, documentary, & corporate client works from ideation through budgeting, scheduling, crew & team-building, shooting, editing, & post to the finished product.

Creative Producing: Develop ideas–from both internal and client sources–into refined projects and shooting scripts.

Line Producing: Make determinations about crew needs, personnel, build a realistic schedule, & develop a firm budget that best fits the project.

Corporate & Commercial Client Interfacing: Many years of experience with client relations & sales, from listening to client needs, to developing concepts together and collaboration at all stages of the process.


I have created many years worth of client films & recordings, including work on feature & short films, documentary, commercials, internal corporate presentations, live events, and series. I have turned those ideas into loglines, pitch decks, teaser trailers, live pitches for funding/distribution sources, treatments, scripts, table reads, and finished product.


My experience as a record producer informs my work as a director for film. I have an ‘advanced degree’ in herding cats and being the decider, while eagerly including everyone in the collaboration.



Producer For Film & Commerical Work:

Film/Show Concept:

Writing & Directing: